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Welcome to On this site you can learn about Michael Johnson-Chase and follow my blogs. With some exceptions, this site follows "theme based" cycling tours focusing on social and climate related issues. Slowed down observations of the world over days, weeks and months at 10 to 15 miles an hour can reveal a depth and quality of understanding about our environment often missed by faster modes of travel.

Southern Tier, Post 14

Day 16, Post 15: Hi, all - a day when writing isn't so easy. This will be short. I'm sitting in a tent right now, out of a mild dust storm after an evening of near perfect weather. Im in Fort Baker, near the Rio Grande, about 60 miles SE of El Paso. Open, dry, hot country. Reminds me of Paris, TX, the movie.

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Pic 1, A piñon nut vender. Did you know that most of our piñon nuts come from China and some people are allergic to them? I didn't. The North American variety has to be cultivated by hand since they only grow wild. We were able to buy some. Yum! More protein than red meat and loaded with vitamins and minerals.


Pic 2, Phil, the biologist, fixing a flat in his recumbent bike.


Pic 3, All that is left of the town of Acala, TX


Pic 4, My abode before it got windy.

More to come,


Southern Tier, Post 15

Southern Tier, Post 13