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Southern Tier, Post 20

Day 22, Post 20: A hard day of biking from Sanderson to Langtry. Lots of hills and a strong headwind all afternoon. Apparently the winds blow SE here up from the Gulf. We're in for more wind tomorrow. Still beautiful, although flatter.

This is the town of Judge Roy Bean and Lillie Langtry fame. Used to be a bustling place. No longer, but there is a library with Roy Bean memorabilia in it. And friendly people, same as everywhere else we've been in West Texas.

Camping at a community center in Langtry. Good thing too, the towns two small motels are full. Nowhere to buy food - but we thought ahead and just ate our own home cooked burritos. So good!

Have to be quick tonight - the wind is kicking up. I'm at the library using wifi because there's no cell service here.

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Pic 1, My current traveling friends Phil and John from Vermont and Maine.


Pic 2, The landscape west of Langtry.


Pic 3, Another landscape shot. Stretches of land today were incredibly flat - at times the vista looked like the ocean.


Pic 4, Hill just before entering Langtry.


Pic 5, My abode at the community center.

More to come,


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