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Welcome to On this site you can learn about Michael Johnson-Chase and follow my blogs. With some exceptions, this site follows "theme based" cycling tours focusing on social and climate related issues. Slowed down observations of the world over days, weeks and months at 10 to 15 miles an hour can reveal a depth and quality of understanding about our environment often missed by faster modes of travel.

Southern Tier, Post 22

Day 24, Post 22: I'm in Brackettville, TX, a city in Kinney County, Texas, United States. The population is 1,876 and it is the county seat of Kinney County. According to Wikipedia, Brackettville is the drive-in movie capital of Texas. Maybe. I haven't seen any, though. Should I look? ...naw...

I just realized (to my surprise) that I took only a few photographs today. Odd. But then, the day started with overcast skies and from time to time would precipitate on us like a thin Irish mist. The landscape east of Del Rio is flat and full of low lying deciduous bushes. There are still quite a few washes named as rivers, but they are not only sand now, but also grass and trees. And it's green, but not the green of evergreens but rather the green of freshly budded trees. And butterflies are abundant, as are flies and mosquitoes. On that score, I'm sure this is only the beginning.

It seems that Phil and John got ahead of us today (they have some date pressure to get to Austin), so another cyclist named Mike (from a small town near Madison, WI) and I are going to tackle the hill country west of Austin together over the next 4 or 5 days. This country has a reputation among cycling enthusiasts, and people come from all over the world to experience it.

All the westbound cyclists we have encountered say this will be the most challenging part of the ride. I'm not at all surprised - I have experience with hill country in Kansas and Pennsylvania and cycling over hill after hill after hill can get very tough indeed. The simple logic of this is that one spends a far greater majority of ones day pedaling up, because the downward hills can be covered in so much less time. Therefore, after a while one feels like they are always going uphill.

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Pic 1, My very peaceful and pleasant abode for the night.


Pic 2, The landscape


Pic 3, More landscape, near where we are camping.

Southern Tier, Post 23

Southern Tier, Post 21