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Southern Tier, Post 24

Day 26, Post 24: Texas Hill Country. I don't really know why only in the past few years I have become aware of the charm of this part of Texas. Historically, when I have thought of Texas, I've pictured mesquite, flat dusty plains, oil derricks, wealthy oilmen and more recently, tracks of fracking platforms. I'm sure that's all here too - especially east of Austin - but so far I've really enjoyed the open and vast desert mountains and canyons north of Big Ben, and the rustic and picturesque hill country west of Austin and Fredericksburg. In the east this hill country might well be called mountains, but here they are hills - steep, rugged, sparsely populated and supporting a rural and folksy population.

We had to climb four large hills today. As trepidatious as I was, I found it easier to cycle than going east through Pennsylvania hill country. Here it's hard, but you get it over with and you can rest for a bit on the long downhill rides. That said, my current Southern Tier cycling buddy Mike and I found a pleasant state campground a little early at a place called Lost Maples with electric, water and showers (showers are almost imperative for me) and set up for another lovely evening. Once again it was overcast starting out, and then gradually became sunny for yet another perfect late afternoon and evening. We met two guys who are being "sagged" by wives in small trailers while they do the Southern Tier tour, and they have invited us to join them for dinner. Looking forward to that. More hills tomorrow, but nothing quite as intense as today.

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Pic 1, Campwood, TX, just starting out today.


Pic 2, Mid- morning, notice the overcast - seems typical


Pic 3, Landscape east of Campwood.


Pic 4, Landscape east of Campwood.

More to come!


Southern Tier, Post 25

Southern Tier, Post 23